10 Things To Know About Work In Your 20s | With Dr Dipo

The ages between 20 to 30 is a very vital stage in the development of every individual irrespective of race, status, nationality, etc especially when it comes to work, career and education.

At one point in between these ages, getting a job to make ends meet is inevitable except maybe you were born with a silver spoon. There are various jobs a young individual can engage in ranging from office jobs, field work, self employment, etc.


Now, working with a firm or being self employed is one thing, another thing is getting leveled up. There are certain guidelines you should take into consideration if you really want to grow your work career efficiently and today we are going to talk about these guidelines/tips…

1. Work With Your Passion

Work in an industry that you will enjoy and flourish in (an industry you are passionate about, that interests you and in line with your strengths).

2. Break Things Down

If a problem feels too big break it down into smaller parts.

3. Sell Yourself

Put yourself forward and pitch for more challenging projects or positions

4. Build Your Brand

Building and marketing your personal brand via your CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, and a personal blog (optional) or website (optional) will help advance your career.

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5. Dress For Success

Balance dressing for the job you have and the one you want. This will help you advance your career faster.

6. Be Inspirational

Always be an inspiration to the people around you and embrace positivity as well. People are drawn to positivity.

7. Take Care Of Yourself

Take care of your mental well being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

8. Your Attitude At Work Is Important

Be kind, fair and reasonable, but do not let people take advantage of you.

9. Develop Commercial Orientation

Develop commercial orientation by reading more, doing specific research, networking and becoming a subject matter expert in your fiels of work.

10. Know Your Work Role

Endeavour to acknowledge your place within the company and your team and also contribute your quota to achieving organisational and team goals. Don’t be a dead wood in teams.

Follow these guidelines and count yourself among the young generation that are on their way to ultimate success!

Dr Dipo Awojide – Founder & CEO of BTDTHUB

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