11 Success Tips To Keep In Mind While Studying/Preparing For An Examination

Preparing for an examination can seem to be an arduous task, one that needs a lot of work and crucial planning before settling for the big moment. It may seem that way, but it is exactly the opposite.
Most people tend to fail examinations due to stress and anxiety as well as fear of the unknown.
These are attributes that are not needed, and just as an athlete trains before a big event,you should train as well, no matter the exam you are writing.
A school exam? WAEC, NECO or JAMB examination, you have to be prepared and in this guide, you will learn 11 things to keep in mind before starting an examination.

In Preparation For The Examination

1. Read Smart! Not Hard.

Reading is a very important part of the preparation. Whenever you have an examination, be it a day or a week to, the best thing is to read.

It isn’t necessary you read the full text book and stuff your head up, you just have to study the syllabus and know the key areas to cover. It’s good you study the books front to back if you can but being perfect in five topics out of ten is way better than having scanty ideas in the whole ten topics.

2. Take Short Breaks In Between Study Hours

Studying hard for about 50 minutes then taking a 10 minutes break before continuing has proven to be one of the most effective methods of studying.

Reading for many hours straight can be draining and is not advisable, learn to take breaks in between.

3. Be Focused

Focus is a very key ingredient in preparing for any exam,and at the same time,it is also key while reading for an exam.

Keep away anything that can distract you so that you will be focused and ready to digest and understand the information that you are trying to embed in your memories.

4. Ask For Help

While reading for an Examination,there are things that you may not understand at the first instance, no matter how hard you try.

Seeing that roadblock,it is better to ask for help, especially from teachers or friends that can guide you through.

5. Soothe All Nerves

Just like the first and the previous step, anxiety and fear can hamper proper preparation and understanding.Thinking hard and long about the examination beforehand can cause a good amount of stress and anxiety that can affect your performance and at the same time, your ability to be calm.

6. Never Start Studying On An Empty Stomach!

Hunger can be a big distraction when you are studying hard, you can’t focus when you are thinking of how good a plate of rice ll be at the moment. It is always advisable to keep small chops or snacks around when studying.

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Also, eating chocolates while studying have been proven to increase the probability of understanding better

7. Relax

After doing the necessary reading for the day, it is best to relax your mind, take a deep breath and understand all that you have read.

Do something else,such as read a book (different from what you are studying for),see some friends,watch some movies etc, as long as your mind is relaxed.

8. Sleep

You should never underestimate the value and importance of sleep.

It relaxes the mind and gives the body the necessary strength to carry on and prepare for the next day.

During The Day Of The Examination

Most people seem to forget the right things to do at the deciding moment, here are tips for those who have no idea what to do on that day.

9. Prepare Your Mind

Now that the day of the examination has arrived, you have to prepare yourself, most especially mentally. It is normal to feel anxiety when preparing for such a big day, but that should not be a distraction.

10. Eat The Right Breakfast And Check For All The Necessary Materials One More Time

Eating the right breakfast helps to prepare the body to undergo the necessary process to prepare for the examination.

Eat well and eat comfortably so as to avoid feeling hungry on the day of the examination.

Also, make sure that all the materials you need for the examination are ready before you finally leave.

11. Be Confident

Confidence is a very necessary attitude to carry into an exam hall. Always have the mindset that your own answer is the best one available if not, you might end up copying the wrong thing from someone else because you weren’t sure of yourself.
Now that these 11 steps are there to guide and direct you, it’s up to you to apply each step effectively to have a successful examination.

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Ikechukwu Obi: Writer

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