visa free countries for Nigerians

Despite the poor reputation of the Nigeria passport, there are still a handful of visa free countries that welcome Nigerians into their borders.

Nigerians are always on the look for easy ways to skip the tedious process involved in obtaining visas from foreign embassies; visa free countries!

Before proceeding, do note that most of these countries have a period when their visa-free rule elapses and you might eventually need to obtain a visa.

All being said, let’s dive in!

Visa free countries for Nigerians and Nigerian passport holders:

1. Burundi (East Africa)

visa free countries for Nigerians burundi

Burundi is one of the smallest countries in mainland Africa, Nigerians are allowed visa-on-arrival for 30 days.

Although a small country, it is a major pull for tourists. There are a lot of places to visit, especially the Lake Tanganyika, Kibira National Park, Ruzizi River Park and so many more.

The official language is english alongside Kirundi and french so you don’t have to worry about communication.

2. Togo (West Africa)

Covering 57,000 square kilometers with a population of 7.6million, Togo is also one of the smallest countries in Africa.

In addition, there are a lot of places to visit in this culturally-rich country such as; Keran National Park, Togoville, Fosse Aux Lions National Park and so many others.

The official language is french so make sure you take your french lessons more seriously before planning a trip!

3. Benin Republic (West Africa)

After gaining independence from France in 1960, Benin grants Nigerians visa-free entry due to it being a neighbouring country as well as being instituted by ECOWAS.

Home to the Pendjari National Park that was named after the Pendjari River and covers 2,755 square kilometers, it was nominated in 2009 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Benin is also home to a number of amazing wildlife such as buffaloes, antelopes, West African Lions, birds and so much more.

4. Maldives (South Asia)

visa free countries for Nigerians maldives

Maldives is one of the few non African visa free countries for Nigerians. It is tropical island in the Indian Ocean known for its 26 ring-shaped attols that is made up of a thousand corals.

A 30-day visa on arrival is issued as soon as you land in any airport in maldives.

5. Cameroon (Central Africa)

Cameroon holds a reputation of being the most diverse nation in West Africa even though though it isn’t as big as Nigeria.

It accommodates English and French speaking people as well as Christians and Muslims.

Cameroon shares a border with Nigeria and as a result, allows Nigerians in; visa free.

6. Kenya (East Africa)

Going to Kenya? One of many things of interest is its wildlife that includes lions, African elephants, african buffaloes, wildebeasts, giraffes, rhinoceros, also watch out for dangerous snakes!

Nigerians are granted a 90-day free visa entry, so whenever you are in Kenya, make sure you check out the amazing wildlife as well as the local cuisines!

7. Ghana (West Africa)

visa free countries for Nigerians ghana

Due to ECOWAS benefits, Nigerians are allowed in Ghana visa free.

Ghana has a history that rivals that of Nigeria therefore, there seems to be a kind of healthy rivalry amongst the two countries in all industries.

Notwithstanding, ghanians are very friendly and welcoming to nigerians as well as people from other parts of the world.

8. Liberia (West Africa)

Liberia is a blessed country which possesses strong ties to the United States.

Due to ECOWAS benefits, the country remains visa free for Nigerians

9. Nauru (Oceania)

Nauru is a small island in Micronesia, north of Australia, it offers visa on arrival to Nigerian passport holders.

Despite its small size, the country contains tourist attractions such as world war relics from Yemen as well as the Japanese sponsored Anibare Harbour.

10. Guinea (West Africa)

visa free countries for Nigerians guinea

Roughly the size of the United Kingdom, Guinea’s major tourist attraction is its National Museum that highlights its history.

Guinea is completely visa free for all nigerians.

11. Sierra Leone (West Africa)

Another completely visa free country for Nigerians due to ECOWAS regulations and benefits.

Equally important and interesting places to visit once you are in the country includes the Banana Island and the Freetown Pennisula.

12. Tanzania (East Africa)

Tanzania is one of the most attractive countries in the whole of Africa, Nigerians are given a free visa entry upon arrival.

The country boasts of three of the seven wonders of Africa. Two of the world’s deepest lakes are located in Tanzania.

Also, it is home to Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s largest mountain.

In fact, Tanzania is argueably the best African country that Nigerians can go to without a visa because there are lots of benefits.

13. Djibouti (East Africa)

visa free countries for Nigerians Djibouti

One of the smallest countries in Africa with a population of 500,000, bordered by Ethiopia in the west and south, Somalia in the South-east and Eritrea in the north.

Furthermore, It is one of the few non-West African countries that grants Nigerians a free-visa visa entry.

14. Chad (Central Africa)

Another one of the African visa free countries for Nigerians, Chad is the home to the popular lake chad.

The Zakouma National Park which includes 44 different species of wild animals and a variety of birds is also a nice tourist attraction in the country.

15. Iran (Middle East)

Indigenously known as Iran, it was called Persia until 1935 in the western world. Iran is one of the few non-African visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders

Nigerians are granted free visa on arrival.

16. Senegal (West Africa)

visa free countries for Nigerians senegal

A very beautiful country west to the atlantic ocean, Senegal is home to a teeming population of wildlife such as giraffes, rhinoceros, antelopes etc.

Being a West-African country, it grants Nigerians entering its borders visa-free entry due to ECOWAS regulations.

17. Haiti (Caribbean)

Haiti grants Nigerians 90-day visa-free on arrival. It is a Caribbean country that occupies the third of the Caribbean island on Hispansiola.

The country is filled with a lot of tourist attractions such as its beaches, watersports and its mountains which is a major pull for explorers and hikers.

18. Comoros (East Africa)

Comoros is a not so popular East African country that grants Nigerians free visa-on-arrival.

It is agreat destination for a lowkey vacation with family as well as for lovebirds.

19. Barbados (Caribbean)

visa free countries for Nigerians Barbados

Home to the Grammy award winning celebrity Rihanna, barbados grants Nigerians six months free visa on arrival.

In addition, the country blessed with amazing beaches and great relaxation spots!

20. Vanuatu (Oceania)

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Oceania, vanuatu still boasts of over 83 islands on the Southwest pacific ocean.

The country is visa free for Nigerian citizens. Visa on arrival is also issued.

21. Cambodia (South Asia)

Cambodia offers Nigerians visa-on-arrival for 30 days in its major airports in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

It has a lot of tourist attractions as well as amazing beaches for relaxation.

22. Gambia

visa free countries for Nigerians guinea bissau

Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa with a population of 2,051,363 as of 2017 is also blessed with a host of diverse wildlife.

Also one of the numerous african visa free countries Nigerians can visit for a period of 90days.

23. Seychelles (East Africa)

This little wonder island borders other islands such as Zanzibar, Mauritania and Mauritius. It grants Nigerians visitor’s permit for a month.

Seychelles is Rich in its diversity of different cultures and languages, alongside its stunning local cuisines.

24. Mauritania (West Africa)

Situated between Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Mali, it grants Nigerians visa-on-arrival.

Mauritania is a country full of history and exciting places.

25. Palau (Oceania)

visa free countries for Nigerians palau

A beautiful nation that grants Nigerians visa-on-arrival for 30 days.

Palau is known for its jelly fishes as well as places like the Icebox Park, Nikko Bay and the Palau International Coral Reef Center.

26. Mauritius (East Africa)

Mauritus is an island nation on the coast of the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 kilometers off the South-east coast of Africa.

Mauritius offers Nigerians visa-free entry for 90 days. It is well known for its clear healthy waters, tropical weather and amazing beaches.

27. Uganda (East Africa)

Also known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda grants Nigerians visa-on-arrival.

The country is known for its diverse fauna such as egrets, guinea-birds, hulhuls, crows, herons and many more.

28. Guinea Bissau (West Africa)

visa free countries for Nigerians guinea bissau

Guinea bissau is a visa free country for Nigerians that grants visa-on-arrival for 90 days.

The country is blessed with an amazing wildlife where chimpanzees are predominant.

29. Madagascar (East Africa)

Madagascar is a country that has been referred to as the world’s 8th continent and the 4th largest island in the world due to its unique ecology that allowed a deserted island to evolve.

Nigerians are granted visa on arrival therefore it is safe to include as one of the visa free countries for Nigerians.

30. Cote D’ivoire (West Africa)

Another of the West-African visa free countries for nigerians as well as nigerian passport holders.

Its capital city Abidjan, is the country’s most profitable tourist attraction center, having lagoons, hills, valleys, a cathedral and many more visually appealing sites.

There they are!!!!! The list of countries that Nigerians can go to without a visa.

I’m sure there are many of your friends that are planning vacations outside Nigeria, why not use the share buttons below and share the good news with them.

Thank you!!!!! And have a good read!!!!.


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