Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in the world with millions of users worldwide. In order to connect, you follow on twitter instead of sending friend requests like facebook.

Now, one thing is joining twitter, another is knowing the right people or hashtags to follow.

A lot of people join twitter but then end up abandoning their accounts in less than a, week because they feel lost (you are probably one of them!). Some might be wondering “who do i follow on twitter now that I’m here”

As everyone knows, TwitterNG is full of funny personalities as well as savages. You have to tighten up your sleeves and watch well before sliding up your keyboard to type because one little mistake and you’ll be a stepping stone for another tweep to shine.

Among these funny, savage and interesting tweeps on TwitterNG are some unique ones that never fail to keep you glued to your phone’s screen or worse still “become addicted to twitter”. Who are these people? What are their handles?



  • NOTE: There are different devices that support twitter but I recommend you use the twitter app on any of the mobile devices/smartphones as it is easier and more user friendly. Don’t have a smartphone that supports twitter already or wish to get a new one that ll perform better? Then you should see these 10 things you should consider before buying a smartphone.

Here is a list of the top 31 tweeps every Nigerian must follow on twitter.

1. Daddy The Boy (@daddytheboy)

A young guy who tweets from the islands of Lagos. Very funny and quick to post tweets relating to the latest hastags.

2. Table Shaker (@iamvictor__)

Another funny dude who truly lives up to his display name…”shaking tables” always active and bringing funny and Interesting jokes to your timeline.

3. Adonai Jonathan (@mrmanhere)

This guy is one of the most unique personalities you can ever follow on twitter. Very funny and sarcastic with his posts, you sometimes have to read twice.

4. Dr Dipo The Career (@ogbenidipo)

Dr dipo! yes he is the career plug of the whole TwitterNG. Well learned and informed, a guru of the educational system. Dr dipo is an inspiration to most tweeps out there, always posting relevant tweets relating to jobs and education, also quick to defend or condemn students and the young population in general when need be. He is also the founder of BTDT Hub.

5. Pastor Ola (@biisi96)

The senior pastor of TwitterNG. A direct opposite of his name, one of the most active tweeps on the timeline. Pastor Ola will always keep you coming back for more tweets.

6. Trouble Maker (@obongroviel)

Well, I guess there isn’t much to say here as his name tells you all.

7. Atomified Empire (@atomified)

A very handsome young guy from the west. He is also a graphic designer and is always quick to post stunning photos of himself. Atomified is well known for his very very funny and bizzare ‘Food Porn’, his own original innovation to the eating style in Nigeria. He at a time, decladed himself a food influencer. Want to find out how you can enjoy your jollof rice with ogbolor soup? Follow atomified!

8. Biology Brother (@brodah_ayo)

Another very young dude on the streets of twitter. Not all that popular or commands a big stream of followers but this guy seems to keep you engaged with every single one of his tweet. Always using his tweets to interact with his followers.

9. Dreylo (@drey_lo)

If there is anybody to be crowed the most generous tweep of TwitterNG, it will be dreylo. Always doing giveaways in an attempt according to his pep talk in a telegram group lesson “to give back to the people who made him what he is today”. Yeah, he is a social media influencer.

10. Sewa (@duchesssewa)

A very lively and interesting lady who keeps the contents coming over and over again. Quick to tweet 18+ contents and questions that ll sure make you want to leave a comment or retweet.

11. Aunty Adah (@auntyadah)

Lets just say aunty adah is that one good lady that tweets sensibly and motivationally too.

12. Chemical Brother (@chemicalbrodar)

One of the most favorite tweeps of the people. He already created a brand out of his name “chemical brodar”. Famous for his series of Jamaican styled short phrases that boiled the streets of TwitterNG in the late 2018. Also famous for bringing the hottest girl right to your timeline. Seen a photo of a hot girl you don’t follow? Look who’s behind the retweet, it’s chemicalbrodaarr!

13. Four Eyed Edo Boy (@alex_houseof308)

Every single tweep on TwitterNG will surely agree with me that any list of tweeps you must follow is never going to be complete without Alex. One of the most loved respected personalities on twitter, very calm but with a special sense of humour. Famous for his hilarious tweets and never ending puns that ll make you read over and over again. I honestly don’t know what you are doing on TwitterNG if you haven’t followed the Four Eyed Edo boy yet!

14. Valking (@_valkiing)

Another young and Interesting dude from the west. Valking is one of the oldest and consistent tweeps I’ve met on TwitterNG. Always making sure to retweet the most interesting contents straight to your timeline and good with puns too. There is a popular trend between him and four eyed edo boy’s puns, always commenting with smart counter puns.

15. Dr Smoky (@OGCarterMillz)

Aside the fact that this is another interesting guy, dr smoky has to be on this list for his famous Twitter journal. He compiles all the latest gists and dramas in that thread. If you missed a gist on twitterNG, you know where to find the full highlights…On Dr Smoky’s Journaaaalll!

16. Gucci Ice Cream (@EvansTed101)

Gucci ice cream!! Another popular, funny, savage, Interesting, name it all, tweep. The timeline never gets boring while evans ted is with his phone. Also well know for his viral videos, one of which got 1million views!

17. Portrait Artist (@Badt_Boi_)

Compiling this list and not including @badt_boi is pure dishonesty. A true influencer indeed, earned massive respect after his episode with a shawarma guy whose life was changed just by a single tweet from @badt_boi !

18. Mazi (@I_piss_vodka)

Well, judging from his username, you should know you are in for the most interesting stuffs on the streets of twitterNG. Another influencer that is loved by everyone.

19. Falilat (@falilatt_)

Fallilat is one young lady on the timeline who tends to make a difference. Her tweets are mature but at the same time manage to have a twist of humour and sense, a true philosopher indeed. Famous for her “bus chronicles” where she narrates her episodes from journeys on the famous “danfo” buses of lagos.

20. Sadella (@sadellawallis)

Nigerian born USA resident, Sadella Wallis. Came into the limelight in a twitter drama that occurred between late 2018 and early 2019. The drama involved some of the big girls on twitter and one @yettyclassy who critisized ladies collecting money from men after sex. Sadella then became the center of attraction after coming in hot defence of @yettyclassy. According to a witness, Sadella rose from below 2k followers to over 10K Followers in just one day!! A true activist to be sincere. She also has a good sense of humour.

21. Tweet Savages (@tweetsavages_)

This account is more or less like a team. Very popular across all social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Tweet savages brings you the funniest and most savage tweets and replies ever! Rumour has it that instagramNG will be boring without screenshots from twitter by the likes of Tweetsavages.

22. Bolaji Billions (@pinkbee_)

A young lady whose tweets you can never skip because they are either very interactive or have a direct effect on you.

23. Senseitional (@Girlishlava)

A must follow! Keeps the interesting stuffs coming endlessly on your timeline.

24. Fake Earpiece (@mister_Judah)

Fake Earpiece!! One of the craziest, funniest, and savage guys you’ll ever find. Said to have gotten his name from the fact that all earpiece he buys never lasts long.

25. Fine Girl (@pattyamaka_)

Truly lives up to her name. A beautiful young lady, who’s very active on the timeline. Patty Amaka never fails to keep streaming down the best contents on your timeline. Sensible and also not lacking a good sense of humour.

26. Karo (@tiny_edo_girl)

Another very brilliant young lady on the timeline. Her tweets are aleays very funny and intellectual. It is hard to determine who serves the best puns between she and Four Eyed Edo Boy.

27. 9Ja Savage (@_iamremy_)

There’s nothing much to say here, the nam tells you everything. A founding member of Team KaptionThis.

28. Underhyped (@tenth_top)

This list just seems to be incomplete without this dude.

29. JesusBaby (@omohteee12)

Omohtee! Always seem to be the center of all dramas recently, having lots of haters because of her wild and plain talks but seem to always give a carefree attitude towards the critisizm. Aside the dramas, omohtee is another interesting lady I think everyone should follow on twitter.Lest I forget, she is savage too!

30. Pamilerin (@thepamilerin)

Pamilerin is a very popular tweep on the streets of twitter. Very positive influencer and always seem to be the target of all influencer bants but somehow manages to take on the positive sides of everything. His current display name is as a result of one of the plenty shades thrown at him recently, and as usual, he took on the positive side of it.

31. Brezzident (@OlatheOG)

I don’t know why you should be on twitter at all if you don’t follow OlatheOG!!! Funny, Honest, Savage, name it all!

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