10 gift ideas for him/her this valentine

When was the last time you got a gift from a loved one? You can recall right? How was the feeling? Gifts are a special way to show love and care no matter how little they are. First of all you are here probably because there is a special event/day like valentine, birthday, or something else around the corner and you want your partner to feel the same way you felt sometime ago when you got that gift item from someone special or perhaps you want them to even feel better but just can’t think of the right gift idea that ll be perfect for the occassion, don’t worry, just read on.

Now, getting gifts for loved ones or crushes can really be quite a hassle because of all the many choices you have but the question you should ask yourself should be “will he/she like the item I’m getting?” With the help of a few friends, I conducted online interviews with people in the Ansalog whatsapp community as well as other and that’s how I came up with this listable of the top 10 gift ideas for him/her.




1. A NEW GAME CONSOLE :   Yeah, you read that right! There are very few guys if any at all who doesn’t love video games. Except your boyfriend or crush is a… “I don’t even know what to call it” , he’d probably label you as the best ever if you get him this. according to data from a poll on whatsapp, most boys will choose the latest game console over anything else (including you!!).

Playing games
The only disadvantage of this is that the latest gaming consoles are usually on the high end of pricing with the popular Playstation 4 (which is virtually almost every guy’s dream) at a range of about 100k – 200k (In Naira)

2. SNEAKERS: Most guys love fancy looking sneakers that ll go wel with that denim jeans or that tracks he’s got in the wardrobe, better still, your guy is a sneaker freak which makes this a big plus for you, there’s the best time to get a new sneakers than getting it as a gift for him.

Now go get that smoking hot converse shoes or pair of trainers and watch him blush as he unwraps the package.

3. A NICE PERFUME/COLOGNE: An ideal boyfriend or guy should always smell good and I’m sure you want the same for yours too, so for any special day at all, a nice perfume will do just fine and put that big smile on his face.

4. SPORT JERSEY: Your guy supports one of the popular football clubs? good for you! Instead of the regular T-shirts and others which he sure has enough of, why not go get him the latest kit of his favourite football club with his name printed at the back. You can still take one extra step to really show how much you care; Get him both the home and away kit!!! wow, I’m sure he’ll love you forever for this.

5. FOOD: Yeah Food! Guys are like babies, only just bigger, they love food. Now when I say food, I don’t mean roadside food or fast food, I mean homemade food that you cooked single handedly. He’ll always remember you whenever he eats that kind of food again, esepecially when yours tasted better!

Guys love food
You can as well take him out on a food date if you can’t trust your own cooking skills.


FOR HER (by mercester)

1. KNIT WEARS:  In this cold and trying times, you might want to add these babies to your list of things to consider as a gift. Both boys and girls wold love and a lot of people tend to overlook these babies but it is definitely one of those things that would be appreciated. It might also interest you to know that people love things that give them a warm and cozy feeling. Now the knitted wears could be a blanket, scarf, sweater, tops, cardigans, hoodies, dresses and all that.

Woollen clothes
2. FOOTWEARS:  Are there Ladies who doesn’t love nice stilettos, sandals, trainers, pumps, cover shoes and all that? Nah, I doubt if there are any. So you could consider getting your girl nice foot wears and make sure it fits her perfectly well too.

All star sneakers
3. HAIR PRODUCTS: Either your girl is on natural hair or she’s got her hair relaxed, believe me, girls want textured, healthy and long hair, you could get her some of those hair supplements she keeps gushing about or you think will be okay. You could also get her weave-ons, wigs and hair oils and all that.

4. SKINCARE PRODUCTS: You needed to have seen how I was jumping all over the place when my dad got me a set of Mario Badescu skincare products, I was beyond happy. Girls love to take care of their skin, any blemish concerns them to a large extent, if your girl has sensitive skin though, you might want to make sure those products don’t have allergens like parabens and the likes of it or that the percentage isn’t high enough to cause any serious damage. If she doesn’t, then consider yourself lucky enough to have a wide range of products to choose from.

5. SWITCH TEDDY BEARS FOR THROW PILLOWS: Do you know that not every girl gushes over teddy bears. In fact, most of us above ages 16 and above don’t see it as a thing of big importance, so why not switch those for throw pillows that haveboth of your names and a note of love written on it. This can really create a good air of intimacy and bonding between you too and trust me, she’s going to love it.

Throw pillows

There you go! I hope you now have a vivid idea of items that ll mean the most when gifted to your loved ones.

NOTE: Post by “COLLINS” for ansalog.com

“FOR HER” subheading by MERCESTER, for ansalog.com



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