7 Best Side Jobs For University/College Students

The perfect side jobs for university/college students is being sought for everyday by young people all over the world.

As a university/college student, you’ll definitely need some money to spend on bills and your up keeping but working and schooling at the same time can be quite challenging.

Obviously, it is quite stressful going to school then coming back home only to start working. You’ll face both mental and physical stress.

Well, you are here now and don’t have to worry as I’ll solve your problems by providing you with a list of the best lucrative side jobs for university students. Just focus on this article and read through.

List of the best and most lucrative side jobs for university/college students

1. Blogging

I’m sure many of you must have heard of blogging. Let me quickly brief you on what blogging is really about. To my experience, blogging simply means rendering services to people online via your website and earning as well.

Blogging is all about give and take. You give out to receive. Let me state this loud and clear; Blogging is not a “GET RICH QUICK SCHEME”.

Things to consider before Taking Blogging For A Side Job As A University Student

Your Gift / Talent: The basic thing about blogging is discovering your gift. This will help you decide your blog niche. For example, you are a good cook. Then you can open a cooking niche blog.

When you discover your gift, you’ll be able to decide your niche. When your niche is exactly what you are gifted with, then writing articles will be fun.

Your Level of Consistency: Like I said earlier, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a gradual process so you need to be consistent. Do not give up.

Let me tell you the truth, during your first month in blogging you might not make a penny but with time you will. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, I’m sorry they don’t exist. For every shortcut to success in life will definitely cut you short.

Your Pocket Size: Yeah, blogging is just like starting up a business. It requires some amount of money to start.Don’t forget; We use money to find more money! So you really need to consider your pocket size before deciding.

If you possess those three things, you are good to go. Just make researches about blogging and consult experts to put you through.


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2. Photography

Photography really brings cool cash but it’s a pity only few people know about this. Just save some money out of your feeding allowance and buy yourself a very good camera with high resolution.

Contact people who have birthday parties, tell them you take photos then get hired and earn cool cash with this side job even as a university/college student.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is all about becoming a self employed individual who gets hired by individuals or companies to run their projects. Such projects can be web design, web development, coding and lots more.

Of all the top online jobs, freelancing has turned out to be the most promising side job for students especially the ones in the university or college because work can be done remotely.

Top five websites I recommend for freelancing are as follows:

4. Teaching Jobs

Teaching is a great side hustle for university students to engage in. After school, you can start up a tutorial lesson even in your house.

Teach young children or even your fellow course mates and earn some cool money. This is totally one of the easiest and profitable side job for a student in any tetiary institution.

5. Fitness Instructor

Are good in the gym? Then you might want to monetize that! You can become a fitness instructor after school as a side job and earn some money without disturbing your academics.


6. E-book Selling

If you are intelligent or brilliant as a university or college student, you can create amazing e-books that people will love to read, market them as a side hustle and make profit right from your house or anywhere!

7. Vlogging

YouTube has taken over, be a part of it! Create a YouTube channel, post awesome videos, get lots of subscribers, monetize your YouTube channel and earn from the comfort of your home or hostel!


Above are lists of lucrative side jobs for university students. Go through each and discover the one that suites you. Good luck!!!

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