We all want to be better, dont you? Life is all about growth. At some point in life, we need to step up our game and work towards the necessary self improvement techniques so as to live a better and easy life.

Self Improvement not only betters your overall character, it also improves your quality of life and creates a surrounding of respect and admiration from others as well.

Here are my top tips for you if you really want to improve on yourself.

1. Love yourself

This is the ultimate stepping stone to self improvement. You have to learn to love and accept yourself the way you are before people follow suit. Self love is also a key to happiness and self esteem.

Love self improvement

2. Improve Your Reading Habit

Ever heard the saying Readers are leaders ?. This doesn’t necessarily mean you become the president because you read. It simply means reading keeps you abreast of a lot and so you get to the ahead of most things. Once you’re ahead, people follow. Reading is one vital way we can improve ourselves.

Reading for self improvement

3. Keep Good company

Keeping a good company, friends you can learn and benefit from is one way you can improve yourself. It helps to build and nurture you positively. No matter where you are, home or away; always surround yourself with positive people.

Good company; self improvement

4. Always Be Optimistic

Optimistic people are happy people. Never be a pessimist no matter the matter. Being optimistic always improves oneself by filling ourselves and others with raw positivity.

Optimistic; self improvement

5. Smile

Ever wondered what your reaction would be if you walk into an office and see a grumpy receptionist? You may possibly walk out in dissatisfaction. Same way others feel when you decide to frown more often than you smile. Smiling is a very powerful way to improve yourself. It makes you look younger and also give a good impression of you to people you come across. Smile now! And make it a Habit.

6. Follow your Instincts

Many at times, when you have to male a decision, you tend to consider external factors like, what will my friends say? My parents are they in support? The society? How will people percieve me after this? Well, I have to tell you, “always follow your innner voice”, your instincts first before considering external factors. Learn to have this “I’m doing it to make myself happy” mentality.

Instincts; self improvement

7. Build Your Self esteem.

Self esteem is a very important factor if you really want to improve on yourself. The way you see your self, matters more than and also has a direct impact on the way people see you.

Self improvement

8. Face your Fears

Learn to always stand up to your challenges and fight them till you emerge with positive results. Shying away from challenges won’t bring solutions, you are only postponing the inevitable. The sooner you face your fears, the more you develop a fearless attitude towards challenges.

Face your fears: self improvement

9. Admit Whem You Are Wrong

Build up a habit of knowing and accepting your mkstakes and wrongdoings. Don’t claim that you are always right as it creates a bad perception of you. People tend to dislike proud personalities esepecially one that never admits their mistakes.

Admit mistakes: self improvement

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