DUTA is an indian group messenger that is specifically designed to render different kind of services on popular mobile messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.

All these is done with the handiwork of the duta robot that was specifically created for this purpose.

With DUTA bot on your whatsapp, you will always be up to date with current news, be able to use very helpful and exciting services and also play mini games right on your whatsapp !

Steps to activate duta services on whatsapp

  1. Copy this mobile number “+91 90420 17128 ” or this number ” +91 7397669317 ” and save as “DUTA” in your address book
  2. Open WhatsApp and select “options” and then select “create a new group”
  3. Select the number you just saved to add to the group
  4. Fill in group title with any name you like and proceed with group creation.
  5. Enter the new group and type in – *info .
  6. You will get a list of the various services offered
  7. You can now activate the services you want to receive.

Congratulations, the DUTA™ bot is now installed on your mobile whatsapp

NOTE: You can add your friends to enjoy duta services in duta group you just created, it will still function as normal and you can still chat with your friends in the group.

Pros and Cons

Of course, everything that has an advantage will also have a disadvantage! Lets take a look at one or two pros and cons of using duta services


  1. You will get Live updates on football matches in all leagues so there will be no need to waste data on football live scores sites
  2. Your phone/WhatsApp will be less boring
  3. You get your song lyrics directly on WhatsApp
  4. It is free to use


  1. 70% of content is all about india including news,jokes, and celebrity updates
  2. Too much piled up messages due to live updates and news. After activating duta you can get up yo 500+ unread messages if you go offline for a while
  3. Whatsapp data consumption will be increased a bit because their updates come with pictures sometimes. (I recommend you turn off auto download in your Whatsapp settings)

To know more about Duta, the complete list of the services it offers and also how to add new services to the group, you should see this article on What is Duta And all you need to know about the whatsapp bot.


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