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On July 20 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (1930-) were the first people to walk on the moon after a successful nasa space mission tagged “Apollo 11

As Neil Armstrong took his first steps, he said;

“one small step for man, a great leap for mankind”.

To this day, that saying is still iconic.

Despite the huge success of Apollo 11 space mission and what evidently came after, there have been questions asked and rumours going round that the iconic Apollo 11 space mission was all fiction.

There have been various rumours that Nasa’s Apollo 11 was a ploy by the United States to get one ahead of the Soviet Union at that time.

Hearing this seems baffling like Why would the U.S Government do that? What would they have gained from that? There are a lot of questions to be answered and on this article, the truth is going to be in the open!

Apollo 11 Space Mission Facts Vs Fiction!

Was Apollo 11 a lie? Or is there some truth to it? Let’s find out!

Claim 1

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The Apollo 11 space mission was fake because it seemed the American flag was flapping in the wind.


 The moon in itself is an airless and waterless body held in position by the Earth’s gravity. Judging from the picture above, why should the flag flap if there is no wind?

Putting a normal flag on the moon’s surface would have sunk deep into the ground, and realizing that it would not make a great photo, special flags with extendable rods were assigned to each astronauts on all manned Apollo missions.


Claim 2

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The Apollo 11 space mission was fake because the shadows weren’t right.

Skeptics believed that on the moon, the only source of reflection was the sun and if that was the case, why are there images of certain objects seen in shadows? Some said it is as a result of Hollywood effects.

❌ Fiction

Actually, the sun was not the only source of light; the lunar grounds which reflects the sun’s light is another source. The reason that shadows were being spotted were because the lights scattered all over the surface of the moon, making way for the appearance of shadows.

✔️ Fact

Claim 3

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The Apollo 11 space mission was fake because you couldn’t see Neil Armstrong’s camera.


The truth behind this story is that while Armstrong does appear in Buzz Aldrin’s visor from one of the images. He doesn’t appear to be holding a camera, which means that he didn’t take the photo.

That’s not true. Armstrong did have a camera, but it was mounted on his bulky suit, due to the fact that he couldn’t carry a camera because of the nature of the suit.

✔️ Fact

Claim 4

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The Apollo 11 space mission was fake because you couldn’t see the stars.

❌ Fiction

The truth to the matter is that stars could not be seen as all the exposures on the moon’s surface were daylight exposures due to the sun’s illumination. Also, all the astronauts wore white reflective suits. Furthermore, even if pictures of the stars were to be captured, the camera’s exposures were too short to capture the stars as well as the surface of the moon and to capture the space suits.

✔️ Fact

Claim 5

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The Apollo 11 space mission was fake because Stanley Kubrick filmed it.

❌ Fiction

Although he was known for being a perfectionist and a talented filmmaker, there was no way Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928-March 7, 1999), could have stayed Apollo 11.

✔️ Fact

Rumours About Apollo 11- How It Started

Actually, this whole theory about the apollo 11 space mission being faked came to be due to this critically revered movie by Stanley kubrick : A Space Odyssey in 1968.

The movie wowed audiences because of its realistic depiction of outer space to the point that rumors began to run wild that he was hired by the United States Government to film the Apollo 11 landing scene.

The real reason why the film was so good was because he enlisted aerospace engineers and astronomical artists to bring the scene to life. There was no agreement with NASA or the United States Government regarding Apollo 11.

For those who do not have the full facts, listening to all sorts of rumors would become the norm, but for those that know the facts, they will see these claims as stupid, silly and narrow minded.

All being said, Apollo 11 was not a fictional tale. It was a real-life historical event that has stood the test of time and is still relevant till today.

  Thank you!!!!!.


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