BGFundz Vs NNU: An Insider Review

Bgfundz Vs NNU is a very controversial topic you will be interested in reading.

Permit me to start this post with a disclaimer:

The aim this post is not to bring down one program over the other but rather to show the distinct uniqueness of this income program.

Nigerian news update (NNU) is the first news and entertainment information website that gained popularity by its ability to pay its readers for reading news, gist, gossip etc on the website.

The innovation behind the income program was spear headed by Paul Samson who happens to be the CEO.

When we talk about income programs, it is inevitable to leave Nnu Income program (NIP) aside.

In fact the easiest way to explain other income programs was to mention Nnu.

For example, the moment you make use of this statement “it is similar to Nnu but it’s not Nnu”, there is a clear understanding but people tag the unknown program a scam why? Reason is; “some members where not paid what they earned or where asked to make referrals before the are paid”

BGFundz Program Structure

Blackgold fundz (BGFundz) is a similar program too that was launched on the 4th of January 2020 according to 247bulletin.

Blackgold fundz adapting the same business model, uniquely identified the problem Nnu income program(NIP) had which was “participants could read unlimited amount of news and earn”.

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To tackle this problem, Bgfundz has limited the amount of post you can read to just 15 per day i.e ₦5 × 15 = ₦75 naira daily.

It is expected you earn ₦325 daily:

₦100 log in commission

₦150 sponsored post commission

₦75 for reading news

A members monthly revenue is estimated to be ₦10,000 naira of which ₦5000 is the withdrawal threshold for a non affiliate member and ₦1000 for an affiliate member.

I don’t see reasons why you shouldn’t sign up on bgfundz!

Sign up today and start earning!

Thank you very much

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