Female hygiene is an easy but tasking thing to keep up with. You gotta be patient, consistent and easy on yourself. 8 out 10 females have one infection or irritation due to poor female hygiene. Below are 8 routes that will help in keeping the vagina healthy.

1. Avoid tight undies

Yes. You read right. Avoid tight undies. Ain’t nobody getting comfy in really tight clothings. You have to let it breath if you really want to keep a healthy vagina. Tight undies is a No No!

2. Change your pads, panty liners and tampons at intervals

These are things we use at that special time of the month or when we need to feel comfy. Don’t fail to change at intervals. Wearing them for longer is bad hygiene and can cause infections.

3. Wear 100% cotton undies

Avoid undies that are not 100% cotton. Cotton is cool on the skin and doesn’t allow heat. It keeps the area cool and comfy. Heat helps bacteria increase so, if you want to avoid that, choose cotton undies.

4. Don’t sleep with your undies on

That’s really unhealthy to your downside. It only gives room for bacteria increase. You want to let your private area breathe and get some nice air while you sleep? Remove the underwears!

5. Avoid washing with soaps

A normal and healthy vagina is self cleansing just like the eyes. It cleans itself, regulates and balances it PH level. Avoid trying to clean it manually as this will cause more harm than good to it.

Just as you do not need to poke your eyes because you want to wash them, avoid doing that to your vagina. Wash with mild female wash or warm water.

6. Clean up after sex

After a good round with your partner, you don’t want to go around with the “ewww” sign all over you. Go get some real good clean up after sex. Keep your hygiene game up.

7. Wash your undies properly

After you take of your undies, I advice you soak in bleach and warm water overnight and then wash by morning with mild soap. Do not pile up dirty undies. That’s Gross! Wash immediately after every use and sundry.

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8. Avoid putting your fingers there

That’s so so wrong. Our hands hold so much dirt and germs we pick up from surfaces. Please do not transfer the germs to your vagina. Your fingers got no business there when it isn’t washing. Avoid inserting your fingers while washing. Thats wrong!

9. Eat right

What you eat can also affect your vagina health. Avoid excess sugars, carbonated drinks and too much alcohol. Maintain a healthy balanced diet.

10. Wash/wipe right

Do not wash or wipe from back to front as doing this can spread dirt into the vagina hereby causing infections. Always wipe and wash Front to back.

There! I hope with these few tips you’ll be able to maintain a better attitude towards keeping a healthy vagina!

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