list of big brother naija 2019 housemates and their instagram handles

The fourth edition of the popular reality show; Big Brother Naija 2019 has finally begun. This Year’s Edition is titled ‘Pepper Dem” and Nigerians can’t wait to meet the 21 housemates participating in the reality show.

As expected, all housemates are already in the house ready to go the extra mile for the final price of 60 million Naira!!!

Here are the names of all the 21 big brother naija 2019 housemates, their ages, state of origins, as well as their Instagram profiles.


big brother naija 2019 housemates tuoyo

Tuoyo is 24 years of age and is from delta state. He believes that he has every chance of winning the prize. In an earlier statement, money and girls happen to be his sole purpose for competing and fortunately, he is a very good flirt! Tuoyo is also a physiotherapist and a part-time stripper.

Instagram handle: @tuoyofitness


big brother naija 2019 housemates tacha

Natacha Akide! A 23 year old social media sensation who hit the limelight when she tattooed popular Nigerian pop artiste Davido Adeleke (Davido) on her chest.

She hails from the southern part of Nigeria, Rivers state precisely and is a very blunt person. Tacha hates house chores but is still very confident of emerging as the winner.

Currently, she is probably the most popular big brother naija 2019 housemate.

Instagram handle: @symply_tacha


big brother naija 2019 housemates gedoni

Gedoni is 31 of age. He is a handsome and single fashion designer who hails from Cross River State.

Additionally, he clearly stated that he auditioned for big brother naija 2019 solely for the money.

Instagram handle: @gedon_i


big brother naija 2019 housemates frodd

This handsome young man of age 28 from Anambra state says he is competing in the big brother naija 2019 for the money and also to make friends.

Despite his bold looks, he still hints about being a complicated person and that viewers should watch out for him.

Instagram handle: @callme_frodd


big brother naija 2019 housemates isilomo

Isilomo is a 27 year old adventurous and athletic lady from Edo State.

She is currently single and as a matter of fact open to all applications.

Instagram handle: @king_isilomo

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big brother naija 2019 housemates khafi

Attention! Cops in the house! Khafi Kareem is 29 year old from Ekiti State and is also a police officer in London.

Futhermore, she openly stated that she would love to be the first woman to win the Big Brother Naija.

Instagram handle: @acupofkhafi


big brother naija 2019 housemates seyi

Seyi is the grandson of Nigerian hero; Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He is 30 years of age and hails from Ogun State. Seyi says he hates fake people and that if he beats all other housemates to win the big brother naija 2019, he will invest the money into his business as well as some charity.

Instagram handle: @officialseyiawo


big brother naija 2019 housemates thelma

Thelma is a 26 year old lady from Imo State who loves dancing and is also very accommodating.

Not only did she state her dislike for pretenders but also pointed out that she hates lies and dislike liars by the same token.

Instagram handle: @thelmacool2


big brother naija 2019 housemates omashola

This handsome bearded dude is a 38 year old model from Delta State. He says he is completely in the house for the money, moreover big brother naija 2019 is not his first audition for the show.

His hobbies include cooking and playing basketball.

Instagram handle: @sholzy23

10. ELLA

big brother naija 2019 housemates ella

Victory Ella Nnabuchi is a beautiful 30 year old single (but not searching) lady from Anambra State.

Notably, she seem to love dressing half-naked and in effect, has promised to light up the Big Brother house!

Instagram handle: @therealmissella

11. JEFF

big brother naija 2019 housemates jeff

Jeff is a 30 year old single guy from Anambra State and is ever ready to mingle.

His favorite food is Yam or Amala and Ewedu soup. He loves swimming, dislikes ingrates and has nevertheless promised to cause trouble!

Instagram handle: @jeffbankz

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big brother naija 2019 housemates esther

Esther is a 22 year old lawyer from Lagos State.

Contrary to her nervousness, she seem to be very sarcastic, loves food and most of all, dislikes people with bad bathroom and toilet hygiene.

Instagram handle: @ts_esther

13. IKE

big brother naija 2019 housemates ike

Ike is 26 year old handsome model from Imo State with a unique attitude.

He is very confident, hates judgmental people and also has a big admiration for fast cars and beautiful women.

Instagram handle: @ikebbnaija19


big brother naija 2019 housemates kimoprah

Seems like the igbos are taking over this list! Kimoprah is 23 yeas of age and is also from Imo State. She says her first activity will be to observe her environment and her fellow housemates.

However, this is not a surprising statement because she also hinted about her manipulative skills and sarcasm. Her hobbies include dancing and cooking.

Instagram handle: @kimoprah


Big brother naija 2019 housemates avala

Avala Balogun is beautiful 30 year old from Ogun State with a degree in music & business from New York.

She is a budding musician and hopes to use the platform to advertise her talents. Above all, she is single but not available.

Instagram handle: @lookingforavala


big brother naija 2019 housemates jackye

Jackye is a 23 year old beautiful girl from Anambra state who pointed out that she has no strategies other than interacting with the housemates in the big brother naija 2019 and building a fanbaze.

She is in a serious relationship, hates liars but surprisingly possess a chameleon like attitude.

Instagram handle: @jackyemadu

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big brother naija 2019 housemates mercy

Mercy Eke is aged 26 and is also from Imo State. She is a video vixen and also a businesswoman who loves cooking and travelling.

In spite of declaring herself to be single she clearly stated that she isn’t available and might not welcome shots.

Instagram handle: @mercybbn


big brother naija 2019 housemates nelson

Winner of the 2018 Mr universe Nigeria Nelson Allison is among the housemates for big brother naija 2019. He is 26 years of age and hails from Rivers State, southern Nigeria.

Nelson says he is single and would love to be in a serious relationship. Futhermore, he stated that he hates smelly people and is solely in the house for the money.

Instagram handle: @alissontamsoofficial

19. MIKE

big brother naija 2019 housemates mike

Mike Edwards is a 28 year old millionaire who resides in Manchester, England. He is a husband, athlete and CEO of the first black owned cigar line in the UK.

So rich isn’t he? Well, despite all these, he says he auditioned for big brother naija 2019 just because he loves challenges.

The handsome young man is happily married and hates people with negative vibes.

Instagram handle: @aireyys


big brother naija 2019 housemates sir dee

Sir dee is a handsome 28 year old banker/graphic designer hailing from Kogi State.

His hobbies include watching/playing football, watching movies and playing board games. He also possesses a great sense of humor.

Instagram handle: @sirdee_da


big brother naija 2019 housemates diane

Diane is aged 23, pretty, dark skinned and is from Kaduna State. Her likes include cooking, interacting with people and learning new languages.

She stated that her main purpose of auditioning for the big brother naija 2019 is the money. Well, we can’t blame her, it’s a whooping N60million!!!

Instagram handle: @diane.russet

There they are! Everything to know about the 21 housemates in the fourth edition of Big Brother Naija.

A lot of excitement will be happening in the weeks to come so watch out for each and every housemate to see how events will turn out.

Also watch out for upcoming lists on ansalog relating to the big brother naija 2019 housemates and the big brother naija 2019 show as a whole.

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