Ok, let’s assume you just got a new earphone and then while admiring your precious accessory, you see small inscriptions on both piece “L” and “R” and you are like why? Relax, I’ll tell you why.

Though, you might claim or mayb believe earphones work just fine without fixing them into your left and right ear according to the labels but have you ever wondered what the manufacturers had in mind while inscribing those L&R symbols? Here are 7 amazing reasons I’ll bet you never knew (besides, you wouldn’t be here if you knew)

1. Audio Channels

This might sound strange or technical, and yes it is truly technical but in a layman’s language, digital sounds go through channels that is why some sounds are passed through the left channel and some other through the right to create better balance in hearing. This is the same reason you don’t see a TV with only one speaker, there must be two to accommodate both channels. Audio chamnels are the chief reason why we have left and right sides to accommodate both sounds.

2. Better balancing in the ears.

Have you ever noticed your earphone falling out of your ear sometimes? That is why there are ergonomic headphones now that are designed to fit perfectly and also for comfort. When using ergonomic headphones, the piece designed for the left ear will never fit well when used for the right ear and vice versa, for this reason, manufacturers have to add the labels so you know which is which without much stress.

Ergnostic earphone

3. Gaming !

For a better gaming experience, an earphone is very neccessary. Lets assume you are playing a mobile or PC game, Modern Combat for example, the audio sounds are set in such a way that the footsteps of enemies coming from the left is louder and clearer in the left earbud, same for the right so you’ll know where you are being attacked from and take the right defensive measures. Now just imagine there were no labels! You’ll never know the direction the enemy soldier is approaching from.

Gaming earphone

4. Movies

This is very similar to the gaming aspect. Imagine a scene of a car driving from the left side of your screen to the right… The audio sound is mixed in such a way that the intensity is slowly transitioned from your left ear to the right ear as the car moves from left to right thereby giving a more realistic experience.

Earphone movie

5. Music Mix

Music is culture. Almost every youth loves listening to music on an earphone When mixing sounds, the producers or DJs tend to send some particular sounds through the right ear and some other ones through the left this activity is called panning..this is what makes listening to music your headphones more resounding than your normal phone speakers because you get to catch every single beat and sound.

Music mixing

6. Listening To Concerts Or Orchestras

In a proper orchestra set up, there is a specific arrangement pattern of instruments on stage. Some are placed farther to the right, some to the left and some other in the middle. The left and right channels on your earphones help you get a more realistic experience by sending the sounds from the instruments on the left to your left earbud and the ones on the right to the right earbud. The sounds of the instruments in the middle are split in half and distributed evenly across the left and right earbuds. This makes you get the rhythm as though you were right there in the hall.

7. Overall Balance & Quality

All things said and done….left and right earbuds, each giving its own unique sounds creates an overall balance and better audio quality.

Earphone balance

Thats it! I believe you are no longer left in the dark as to this topic.

I also suggest, next time you go out to get headphones, request for ergonomic headphones, they fit in better and also sound better than headphones with a monochannel (exact same sound on both earbuds).

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