Top 10 most dangerous snakes; world deadliest snakes.

Snakes are one of the most vicious and stealthy animals you can ever come across in the forest. Talking about the most dangerous snakes ever, we are looking at the level of aggressiveness and potency of it’s venom.

The venom of a snake is so dangerous that those who are unfortunate to come in contact with it have shown signs of numbness, fatigue, organ failure, failure of muscle function and even death!

There are about 600 species of venomous snakes that are highly dangerous but in this list, we give you the:

Top 10 Most Dangerous Snakes Ever

In ascending order; from the least dangerous to the deadliest among the selected 10.

10. Many Banded Krait

Many banded krait; most dangerous snakes

As the name implies, many banded krait is characterised by 21-30 creamy white crossbands on it’s black/bluish-black body.

It is found in central/southern china and south east asia. For this reason, it is also known as the taiwanese krait or chinese krait.

The many banded krait is aggressive and among the venomous and most dangerous snakes as well. Symptoms ranging from general ache, weak limbs, loss if voice and breathing difficulties can occur about 6hours after bite.

9. Forest Cobra

Forest cobra; most dangerous snakes

The forest cobra is also known as the black cobra or white lipped cobra. It is native to Africa and is usually shiny brown which darkens towards the tail.

One thing that makes this cobra considered one of the most deadliest snakes is that it can swim and climb trees as well!. So anytime you see a forest cobra, don’t try to jump into the river or climb a tree for safety, you are only making matters worse!

8. Saw Scaled Viper

Saw scaled viper; most dangerous snakes

The saw saw scaled viper is mostly found in the dry regions of Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, India and Sri lanka.

A bite from this snake can lead to internal bleeding and kidney failure if left unattended to!

There is a 20% mortality rate from bites of the saw scaled viper that is why it deserves a spot in any list of the most dangerous snakes in the world

7. King Cobra

King cobra; most dangerous snakes

The king cobra is a native snake to asia, nothern india and south east china. They grow up to 10-12 feet and usually have a glossy-black, pale-olive, gray, brownish-green or yellowish-brown colour.

King cobras can kill and eat other cobras (Nobody named it “King cobra for no reason”). A bite from the king cobra stuns victims within minutes which also leads to nervous system collapse! The size and venom makes it one of the longest most dangerous snakes in the world.

6. Indian Cobra

Indian cobra; most dangerous snakes

The indian cobra is also known as the spectacled cobra and as the name implies, is found in the open forests of india.

The indian cobra is very easy to recognise because of it’s unique spectacle like symbol in it’s hood which it expands when feeling threatened.

This snake has a solid indian heritage and despite it being among the most deadliest snakes ever, it is seen often with snake charmers. Bites from the indian cobra can lead to  cardiac arrests and respiratory failure.

Don’t mind the snake charmers with their tricks, you really don’t want to mess with an indian cobra!

5. Russell’s Viper

Russell's viper ; most dangerous snakes

The rusell’s vipers are nocturnal snakes found in open bushy areas and farmlands of India, Java and Taiwan.

It has an irregular scaled body and flattened triangular head. Full grown individuals can be as long as 1.5m.

The rusell’s viper is very agressive and will strike unannounced making it one of the most dangerous snakes you can ever come across. Deaths due to attack from this species are as high as 25000 people yearly!

4. The Black Mamba

Black mamba; most dangerous snakes

Of course! black mamba is a native of sub saharan Africa with body colours ranging from olive to gray. Full grown snakes can be as long as 2m (7ft).

Long, fast (with a speed of 12.5 miles an hour), aggressive, venomous, the black mamba possesses them all and for this reason, it is considered the most deadliest snake ever by some.

Deaths can occur as fast as 20mins after bite! For this reason, a black mamba’s bite is labeled as “the kiss of death” in some documetaries.

This snake truly deserves a number one spot on this list of the most dangerous snakes in the world but it hardly attacks unprovoked and is known to shy away from humans except when it feels threatened, it strikes!

3. Eastern Brown Snake

Rastern brown snake; most dangerous snakes

The eastern brown snake is also know as the common brown snake is a highly venomous and aggressive snake found in the eastern and central parts of Australia as well as New Guinea.

Adults can grow as long as 2m (7feet) long with a slender build and pale brown (almost black) colouring. These snakes can also possess a pale cream yellow color with orange/grey splotches under its belly.

The eastern brown snake is not only venomous and aggressive, it can also outrun a full grown human at full speed making it grab a 3rd spot on our list of the most dangerous snakes in the world!

2. Coastal Taipan

Coastal taipan ;  most dangerous snakes

The coastal taipan as the name implies is native to coastal regions of nothern and eastern Australia and New Guinea.

Apparently, coastal taipans look a bit like the black mamba snake but for the ommitted coffin head shape and slightly different colors which can range from olive to reddish brown.

Coastal taipans possess deadly venom which can kill a full grown man as fast as  30mins after bite!

1. Inland Taipan

Inland taipan; most dangerous snakes

The inland taipan also known as the western taipan is a fierce small scaled snake found mostly in black soil plains and semi arid regions of central east australia.

Body colours can range from dark tan, rich dark hue, to brownish light green.

Inland taipans are the toxiest and most dangerous snakes ever. One drop of it’s venom is enough to kill 100 humans! So whenever you come across an inland taipan, run for your dear life!

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There they are; the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world!

As a reminder, most of these snakes do not want trouble, they want to be left alone and will only attack when they feel threatened. So think about that the next time you see a snake (although I wish no one does) of these kind.

As they say,it is better to be safe than sorry.
Thank you!!!!.


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