Top 10 Most Difficult Courses To Study In The University

A list of the most difficult courses to study in the university is quite tricky to compile because truth be told, there is no such course in a tetiary institution that can be termed as “easy”.

Aside the numerous non-academic struggles students have to go through in order to survive in school, there are still other academic factors (esepecially in some fields) that puts up a strong challenge to the capabilities of students.

Although I said earlier on that no particular course or field of study can be termed as easy, there are still some courses viewed to be the hardest courses to study in any university around the world.

Which courses are we talking about here?

Well, there are lots of difficult courses out there in Universities but after some research coupled with data from a survey conducted among students on social media, we have come up with this list;

Top Ten Most Difficult Courses To Study In The University


Engineering as we all know is one of the top rated and also the most difficult course to study in africa and worldwide as well.

Studying engineering requires tactical skill, critical thinking, analytical skills and a high level of intelligence.

Every single engineering field ranging from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, marine engineering, petroleum engineering, and so on is worth the hype they get.

From the east to the west, ask any person that has been in an engineering related field if it is an easy task and their reply will forever remain a capital NO!

2. Pharmacy

Yes! Pharmacy is second on this list of the most difficult courses to study in a university campus. And yes! Ansalog rates it to be more difficult than medicine.

Studying pharmacy in a nigerian university is very demanding with killer courses like pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, etc.

I kid you not, it is one of the hardest courses to study in the medical field. Don’t apply for pharmacy in the university if you are not ready for challenges.

3. Medicine

As we all know medicine is not just the third most difficult courses to study in, it also takes the longest period of time to complete.

Medicine is considered the hardest course to study in any institution by some because it involves human life.

With lots of large textbooks to memorise, some medicine students confessed that they sometimes have to cramme in order to pass.

4. Mathematical Statistics

Maybe what comes into your mind when you see “statistics” is mean median and mode but trust me there is more to it than meets the eyes!

From the results of the survey, students studying statistics claimed it is the hardest courses you will ever come across in a tetiary institution!

However, considering some other factors, we ranked it at a well deserved 4th place.

5. Chemistry

Ask any chemistry or industrial chemistry student what the course is like and you will see for yourself!

Chemistry involves the use of maths skills and knowledge of chemical reactions or processes.

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In other words, you need to be well grounded in mathematics if you want to suceed in the field of chemistry.

6. Biochemistry

Another medical science course “biochem” is ranked the 6th most difficult courses to study anywhere in the world. It is rumored that biochemistry is tricky to even the lecturers!

Biochemistry involves reactions, pathways, mechanisms, structures and of course, big grammar!

7. Geology

Geology is like the cool guy in a football team that is unnoticed but impacts value on the gameplay.

This course seems underrated but it actually is one of the most difficult courses to study in any institution.

It involves knowledge from chemistry, physics and even biology so never you look down on a geologist!

8. Architecture

According to the National survey of student engagement, architecture students study for an average of 23.7 hours weekly!

This makes them the hardest studying students in the world. For this reason ist deserves a spot on this top ten list of difficult courses to study.

Yes, architecture isn’t a child’s play course and for this reason the stats afore-mentioned isn’t surprising.

Architecture involves the use of engineering and technical skills to produce complex designs.

9. Law

I know you have been expecting to see law on this list and yeah, you were right.

Of course, law deserves a place among the most difficult courses to study anywhere in the world.

Law is a course that requires time, dedication and a good, retentive memory.

There isn’t lots of calculations or mathematical problems as in the case of engineering and the likes but believe me, the things you need to commit to memory are never ending.

Aside law being one of the hardest courses to study in nigeria, students claim law examinations are very tricky!

10. Vetinary Medicine

Don’t be surprised, vetinary Medicine shouldn’t be considered less difficult than others just because it involves “animals”

Vetinary medicine is one of the hardest and most difficult courses to study in the medical field. Vetinary medicine is just like medicine but as regards to animals (pets).

Infact, it requires as much energy and dedication as medicine does. We olny ranked it at 10th spot due to some other factors put into consideration.

There it is! These are the most difficult courses to study in the university.

Now you see the reason why graduates of any of these courses are always full of themselves, like they just won a world war II battle!

I hope you are satisfied with this list. You can drop a comment below if there is something about this ratings that doesn’t go down well with you. Thanks!

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