top ten richest pastors in the world

You might be wondering or even arguing “who is the richest pastor in the world right now?”. Don’t worry ansalog has got you covered with this updated list of the top 10 richest pastors in the world.

As we all know, Christainity is the world’s most practiced religion in the world with over 37 million churches worldwide. These churches are headed by pastors, bishops, priests, etc as the case may be.

Nowadays, millions of people run to church for miracles, healing and financial aid. Even pastors not only build up churches solely for the purpose of preaching and getting people to heaven but also as a means of livelyhood.

Despite the fact being clearly stated in the holy book that christianity is free, some churches still generate massive revenue from thithes, offerings, gifts, and the likes.

In addition to this, some pastors also publish inspirational books which is a very good source of income as well.

All being said, let us take a look at the current top 10 richest pastors in the world and their estimated net worths

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#1 Kenneth Copeland

  • Net Worth: $760million
kenneth copeland top ten richest pastors in the world

Kenneth copeland is an American televangelist and author born on 6th december 1936 in texas USA. His church; kenneth copeland charismatic ministries [KCM] is located at 14355 morris dido road, forthworth Texas USA.

He particularly preaches the prosperity gospel and as a result has a lot of audience which obviously translates to more revenue.

Following statistics from wikipedia, he stands as number one of the richest pastors in the world with a net worth of $760million

#2 David Oyedepo

  • Net Worth: $150million
david oyedepo top ten richest pastors in the world

Yes! This isn’t a mistake, bishop David Oyedepo isn’t the number one richest pastor in the world as often rumoured to be.

With a net worth of $150million, he comes nowhere close to kenneth copeland. Nevertheless, he tops the list of richest pastors in Nigeria.

David oyedepo is a preacher, author, businessman, architect [kwasu] and also has a doctorate degree in human development from Honolulu university.

His church, “Faith Terbernacle” popularly known as winners chapel has branches in over 300 cities and is also the third biggest church auditorium in the world.

In addition to his church work, David Oyedepo is the chancellor/owner of Convenant University and Landmark University which are both private universities in nigeria with very expensive tuition fees.

#3 TD Jakes

  • Net Worth: $147million
bishop td jakes top ten richest pastors in the world

Thomas Dexter Jakes [born on 9th june 1957] is an American pastor, author and filmmaker. He is the head pastor of “The Potter’s House” which was established in 1994 Dallas Texas USA.

Futhermore, he is married to Serita Jakes and is the third most richest pastors in the world with a net worth of $147million.

#4 Pat Robertson

  • Net Worth: $100million
pat robertson top richest pastors

Marion Gordon Pat Robertson is an American mogul, televangelist, political commentator and was also a former presidential candidate.

He is the owner of one of the most watched Christian TV shows in the world; 700club. In addition, he is the chancellor of Regent University and is also the current chairman of the Christian broadcasting network [CBN].

Pat Robertson has an estimated net Worth of $100million and as a result, he ranks 4th on this richest pastors in the world 2019 list.

#5 Benny Hinn

  • Net Worth: $60million
Benny hinn top ten richest pastors in the world

Toufik Benedictus popularly know as Benny Hinn is an Israeli televangelist and is well known for his miracle crusades.

As a matter of fact, his 30mins TV programme “This is your day” is one of the most watched Christian programmes in the world today. This alone is enough to convice you of how influencial benny hinn is not to talk of his crusade in india which had over 7.3million attendees making it the largest healing service ever recorded in history!

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#6 Chris Oyakhilome

  • Net Worth: $50million
Chris Oyakhilome top ten richest pastors in the world

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian philanthropist born on the 7th of December, 1963.

He is the general overseer of love world incorporated which is a modern day ministry based in Lagos. He is also a graduate of architecture from the Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo state and holds a doctorate degree in divinity from Benson Idahosa University.

This man is currently the second richest paator in Nigeria after Bishop david oyedepo.

#7 Joel Osteen

  • Net Worth: $40million
Joel Osteen top ten richest pastors in the world

Joel Scott Osteen is an American televangelist, author, and overseer of the “Lakewood Church” . He started preaching in 1999 after his father’s death.

Osteen gets about 7million weekly viewers on on on his televised sermons. Joel is not just on this richest pastors in the world list for nothing.

He has a house in River Oaks (a wealty surburb in Tanglewood, Houston. His wife as well owns a $2.9million mansion.

#8 Enoch .A. Adeboye

  • Net Worth: $27million
E.A adeboye top ten richest pastors in the world

Another Nigerian on the list… Pastor E.A Adeboye as he is popularly known was born on the 2nd of march 1942.

He was ordained as a pastor in 1977 and then went ahead to become the general overseer of the redeemed christian church of God in 1982 and notably, the church has grown rapidly since then.

The Redeemed christian church now boasts of about 14,000 branches in 196 countries worldwide. Pastor E.A Adeboye is 3rd richest pastor in Nigeria and obviously the 8th richest worldwide.

#9 Creflo Dollar

  • Net Worth: $27million
Creflo dollar top ten richest pastors in the world

Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr is an american televangelist and pastor.

He currently is the general overseer of the Non-denominational world changers church international.

Additionally, he is also head of the creflo dollar ministerial records, head of arrow records and the publisher of “change online magazine”. Little surprised that he is the 9th richest pastors in the world.

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#10 Franklin Graham

  • Net Worth: $25million
franklin graham top ten richest pastors in the world

The name sounds familiar I guess… Well, yes! Franklin Graham replaces his father Billy Graham on this list of the richest pastors in the world.

After his father’s death, he became head of the Billy Graham evangelistic association raking in a whooping $25million inheritance.

Notwithstanding his inherited wealth, Franklin Graham still makes money from “samaritan’s purse” which is a chatity organisation he runs.

There you have it! Of course there are other rich pastors not listed here because their networth is not huge enough to be listed among the top 10 richest pastors in the world.

We love getting feedback, if you think there is any inaccuracy in this piece, you can drop a comment in the comments box below. Thanks!

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