ten sites to learn free online courses with certificate

Before we go into the various sites that offer free online courses, let us take a brief look at the “online education” in general.

After the coming of the internet in the mid 1990’s, there have been many innovations to simplify learning and the educational process at large.

One of many of these innovations is the use of virtual materials, resources, videos, audio and other sorts of aids provided through the internet to create an online learning environment for internet users/students around the world.

A good number of websites provide some courses completely free of charge while some others might ask for little charges.

Let us proceed to see the top ten sites to get quality online education completely free (or for small tokens)

1. Coursera

cousera free online courses

Cousera is an American based free online educational platform foundedbin 2012 by two computer science professors from Stanford University.

Typically, cousera offers massive open free online courses (MOOC) in disciplines such as engineering, medicine, computer science, digital marketing, data science and others.

2. EdX

edx logo

EdX is also an american based free online education and learning platform which is available to students from all over the world.

In brief, they offer up to 2740 free online courses across all fields which obviously can’t be mentioned individually here.

3. Khan Academy

khan academy free online courses

Khan academy started off in 2008 as a nonprofit organization that consistently creates free online help for students around the world.

The organisation has its headquarters in Carlifonia USA and was founded by Salman Khan.

Learning process chiefly involves the use of short videos which are often hosted on youtube.

They offer free online courses in mathematics, sciences and engineering, arts and humanities, economics and finance, and also computer science.

4. Udemy (Opps! Not Free)

Udemy programming with certificate

Udemy is an e-learning platform founded in 2007 by Eren Bali with a vision to improve job skills for professionals.

Unlike others listed above, udemy is not an MOOC. Rather, it uses content made available by online creators and publishers to sell for profit.

Notably, most of the free online courses offered fall under web development, games and mobile app development, finance, enterpreneurship, data analysis, information technology, graphics design and digital marketing.

5. iTunesU Free Online Courses

itunes u free online courses

ITunesU is a free online opensource platform by apple itunes!

Over 800 colleges including the prestigious Havard University generates content for iTunesU. Also note that there are no certifications here on course completion.

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6. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT free course

MIT opencourseware is a large scale web based pubilcation of course materials from the massachusettes institute of technology.

The opencourseware initiative started in April 4 2000. Free online course materials are available to all from the school of engineering, architecture and planning, humanities, etc.

7. Stanford Online Courses

stanford free online courses

Stanford online is an initiative of stanford university that provides free online courses, professional certificates and also advanced degrees worldwide.

A wide range of courses are available in the fields of engineering, medicine, humanities, earth energy & environmental science, etc.

8. Codecademy

codeacademy certificate

Just as the name implies, codeacademy is an online learning world for tech geeks all over the world.

It is basically an interactive platform offering free online courses in over 12 different languages including html, css, python, javascript, php, ruby, etc. Courses in design and game development are also available.

In the meantime, Learning on codeacademy is completely free but in addition, they also offer pro paid plans for realistic projects, personalized learning, etc.

9. Open Culture Free Online Courses

open culture free online courses

Open culture is also a free online learning platform that provides high quality educational materials like videos, audiobooks and online courses to the public.

Over 1300 free courses from top universities are available on open culture including courses in architecture, arts,archaeology, design, economics, film courses, geograohy, food likewise others

Additionally, Open Culture also has a certified online MBA program.

10. TED-Ed

ted ed learning certificate

Ted Ed is an initiative of TED primarily for the purpose of education for youths.

It is an international platform for teachers to create interactive video lessons in order to help curious students around the world.

There we have it! Finally you have no excuse to be idle during leisure time likewize holidays and vacations.

Take an online course today!

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